Measurement info


Registration and measurement:

Registration starts on friday at 09:30 and measuring starts then probably at 10:30. Further information will follow by notices on the noticeboard. 


Minimum Measuring parts


Please be sure your boat is ready, you have all the necessary equipment and the papers with you. You will need to present the following at the measurement area:


  • Hull 
  • Mast & Boom 
  • Vang 
  • Daggerboard & Rudder 
  • Sail 
  • Painter / Towing line



  • All mast & boom bands should be properly marked before measurement. 
  • All equipment should be dry.
  • The measurement team may not finish the measurement of a boat at its initial measuring slot if they find it unprepared or equipment requires amendment. Any such boats should be returned fully prepared at the later time indicated by the measurement team.
    It is the responsibility of all sailors to ensure that their boat has been fully measured and marked with the championship stickers before the first race.
  • Your Beachtrolly shall be voluntary checked if your sailnumber is good visual.





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