Splash World Championship 23 - 28 July 2017

Don't miss out on our World Championship from 23 - 28 July 2017. Add it to your calendar! Next Summer, the World Championship Splash will be held at the Batavia Harbour in Lelystad, The Netherlands.


Next year, it's the Splash' 30st birthday! We'll be celebrating this with a big tournament. Every sailor between 13 and 21 y/o is welcome. The venue is for Splash sailors and also for sailors considering the switch from the Optimist to the Splash. If you want yo try a Splash for one tournament, you are also welcome.

There are no qualifying rounds and you don't have to be 'selected' to participate. Just you, your Splash and lots of other young sailors trying to become the next World Champion. This is the perfect opportunity to participate on a real World Championship!



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