Still looking for some place to stay?

Our first sponsor Apollo Hotels still offers us rooms with reduced rate. Given the size of the participants field (and the size of the supporter numbers that come along!) Is this action for the Splash Worlds a great deal. The hotel is 3.7 km from Bataviahaven; Easy to reach by bike and by car.


If guests book Appollo Hotel Lelystad will hand the following rates:

Single Room Included Breakfast: €74.00 per day;
Double Room Included Breakfast: €84.00 per day;
Triple Room Included Breakfast: €109.00 per day;
Quadrupel Room Included Breakfast: €134.00 per day.

Reservations will be trough the Appollo Hotel Lelystad, visit them on their website: https://www.apollohotels.nl/lelystad/

Be aware that this offer is only valid for sailors and their accompanying member(s). The hotel can ask for proof of your event registration.

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